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As well as being Co-Founder of Moxie and Mettle, and Rustic and Rural (recruitment companies), I’m also a partner with Utility Warehouse, a FTSE Top 250 plc, with HQ in London and over 700,000 happy customers throughout the UK. Multi-award winning (including 30+ awards from WHICH?), UW is an ethical and hugely successful business, growing rapidly year on year.

So whether through saving you money on your household and essential bills or by offering you a chance to earn some extra money with a simple, online, home-based business, we’d love to talk.

Our UW business has gone from strength to strength during the pandemic, hence recruiting for more team members. Would love to show you and many more people how to save and make money in a simple and straightforward way.

Take a look at the following links for more information, it’s so simple and you could be up and running today – we’d love to welcome you to the team.

Message from Andrew Lindsay, MBE, UW’s joint CEO




Email [email protected] or call Liz on 07377 400413 for more information