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About Liz Gadd

Thirty years of recruitment experience, with a previous career in PR and marketing roles within the hotel industry

Recruiter & Consultant

Recruiter for creative, marketing, digital, PR and communications businesses. Placing both permanent and freelance candidates throughout the UK. Mentor for candidates looking for new roles – CV, Linked In, job seeking advice and training. 

Co-owner of Moxie and Mettle, and of Rustic and Rural – two superb recruitment agencies.

You can find me on Linked In HERE & go to 

Recruitment for current roles with Moxie and Mettle.

Network marketer

Network marketer and partnered with UW, recruiting for people looking for part time, work from home roles. Working with this amazing British PLC with opportunities for everyone involved to learn, earn and enjoy. 


Proudest mum of 26 year old daughter, who graduated in 2016 with a First Class Degree in PR and Journalism, and now specialises in PR and influencer management across consumer, lifestyle and travel clients.

Views and news

Plenty to say of course; all views are my own, unless otherwise state

[email protected]

07377 400413 – 0117 301 8223.

Look forward to hearing from you.