Your Moxie Mentor - brand new for December 2018 and beyond

Your Moxie Mentor - Liz Gadd

One of the secrets to a successful freelance career is to have a few well-connected people who’ve got your back. Someone to spur you on when things are tricky and who can celebrate with you when you win. That’s why we’ve created the 1-to-1 mentoring course for freelancers during which you’ll go through bite-size modules with Liz Gadd over a period of just a few weeks.

We also have a version of the coaching for candidates looking for a permanent role, so whether you are looking for full or part time/flexible roles, we focus on all the skills and knowledge needed to uncover great opportunities for you, including applications and CVs.

About Your Programme

These courses are tailored to marketing, PR, communications, digital and social media professionals and those who work in office support or management roles. As it’s by phone or Skype we can make the mentoring available to freelancers and candidates all over the UK and of course overseas too!

Your mentor, Liz Gadd, is a highly experienced recruiter, trainer and business owner, and she will guide you personally through the following key areas:

Learning to find and win more clients as a freelancer or more relevant opportunities for permanent or contract work. Where to look, how to apply, follow ups and feedback.

A review of your CV and your Linked In, profile and advice on using both for applications

Creating your elevator pitch and getting it right, for networking and introductions.

Generally helping you get and keep your job or client searching ‘mojo' or "moxie"!

About Your Mentor

Liz Gadd brings 30 years’ experience of recruiting and placing PR, marketing and communications professionals, including digital and social media experts, so she knows what clients want and how to approach them. She’ll guide you through application processes and talk you through setting the right day rates and salary information. Qualified by degree and diploma in Recruitment Practice, Liz is an award winning consultant who has placed thousands of candidates in her career and who has a vast network of clients and candidates.

Please ask for more information by email to [email protected] or call on 0117 301 8223


With over thirty years of recruitment experience, and prior PR and marketing roles within the hotel industry, Liz has a wealth of knowledge & understanding to draw upon - contact her today with your questions.
[email protected]
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