Mentoring & Coaching

By far the best way to accelerate the progress towards your goals is to have regular contact with a mentor or coach.

To understand how mentoring & coaching overlap, here's a quick view of the differences -

"an experienced and trusted person who gives another person advice and help, over a period of time."

"an expert who offers support in learning or improving a skill."

With over thirty years of experience in recruitment and mentoring, I am often introduced to or approached by people who are looking for advice and help to work out what they should, could or want to do next in their career, and very often by people wanting to make a complete career change.
A recruiter matches the skills and experience of a candidate to a role within a client company. That’s what we get paid to do, by the client, not by the candidate (just for reference). A client will only want to part with their hard earned cash if we provide them with a candidate who can do the job for which they are recruiting.  We always work to a specific brief and job description and at our recruitment business, Moxie and Mettle, we work in very particular disciplines (marketing, digital, social media, creative and PR) and so our clients tend to be those looking for those particular skills. You get the picture.

Alongside helping a candidate to find a new job with one of our clients, of course there is an element of general help and advice about the application process; the covering letter, the role for which the candidate is applying, some interview help and advice and generally assisting the candidate in making applications or preparing for interviews.

But that’s very different to career coaching or mentoring, back to my original point above.
Career and professional coaching is a particular skill and specialism all by itself and there are many different types of coaches and coaching programmes.

So in an ongoing effort to be helpful and useful to as many people as possible, we have created a "Your Moxie Coach" team, and we are more than happy to introduce you to one of our great coaches, please just ask for more information.

Also offered is mentoring, (different to coaching) which in this case is training and information in how to find a great new job, or more freelance clients. This includes a complete review of your CV, Linked In profile and online portfolio; how to work with recruiters; using the job boards to apply for roles; covering letters and applications, and using Linked In to network and find a new job or more clients. 

This means that even if Moxie and Mettle doesn’t place you in a new role, we can help you find your next great opportunity; again just ask for full details of the programme.
Email [email protected] or call me on 0117 301 8223


With over thirty years of recruitment experience, and prior PR and marketing roles within the hotel industry, Liz has a wealth of knowledge & understanding to draw upon - contact her today with your questions.
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