Moxie and Mettle, new recruitment agency, new fee structure – NO PLACEMENT FEES

Clients don’t want really to pay recruitment fees; never have, never will! Over the last 26 years, I’ve heard “we don’t have the budget to work with recruiters; you’re too expensive” thousands of times. However, there is huge benefit to be had from the services, expertise and network of good recruiters.

The reason recruiters charge what are considered high fees is because of the huge amount of work that happens every day to establish the database, get to know the right people and develop the relationships. There’s also the outlay on advertising, marketing, social media and networking to ensure we are front of mind when clients are recruiting, and when candidates are looking for a new role. And of course all the costs of just running a business. Now you’ll say that that is no different to any other company, and of course it’s not! But the difference is that many clients still expect to pay a recruiter only when the candidate starts work; in other words on a commission only basis. There are not many companies out there who sell goods or services on a commission only basis, how would that even work?! Everyone has to pay their service providers (accountant, lawyer, IT support company, telecoms, freelancers), everyone has to pay for their products, and every business has to pay their staff!

So, we’ve been thinking about this for a long time and talking to clients and colleagues in the industry (and candidates) about what would be more effective and financially acceptable for all concerned. We’ve come up with some alternatives ways of working with us for clients where the percentage fee doesn’t apply, no catch! The clients who have used the service so far have loved it!

This service also allows us to help many more companies than before, because it’s more affordable and effective, and therefore opens up opportunities to more candidates, which is also great for all concerned.

As this is a bespoke, role by role and client by client service; we’ll just need to know what you are recruiting for at the moment, and we can put a proposal together for you, and of course explain the service.

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