Freelance Futures

Freelance Futures is an advice and support network, the founders of which offer help and introductions to freelancers in PR, marketing and creative roles.

Social Media Workshops with Tom Mason

Tom Mason is an experienced social media trainer and consultant. He has over a decade of
experience of working in digital marketing and during his career has provided training programmes
and sessions for a range of organisations including The University of Manchester, Manchester City
Council and The Co-operative.

This training will provide attendees with the knowledge and tools to effectively use social media. It
will reveal how social media relies on fundamental marketing principles – an understanding of
audience behaviours, a consistent message, relevant and compelling stories. Attendees will be
trained in best-practice social media use and will discover how to create engaging content in pursuit
of their business goals.

Using social media for marketing – 5th September 2017 – £27.50 plus VAT – Floating Harbour Studios – Bristol

This session will offer attendees an introductory guide to using social media for marketing. The
workshop will highlight the role social media plays within the wider marketing mix and will provide
attendees with an insight into how businesses and communications professionals capitalise on
online behaviour to promote their services and products.

We will explore how consumers use social media and attendees will leave with an understanding of
what factors encourage sharing and conversation on sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and

You will learn:

● An understanding of the role social media plays in the marketing mix
● An awareness of how social media can be used to advertise products and services
● Knowledge of how to choose the right social media platform for your business
● Knowledge of how people use social media and how to influence online behaviour to
achieve marketing objectives

Sharing your business story through social media – 10th October 2017 – £27.50 plus VAT – Floating Harbour Studios – Bristol

This session will demonstrate how social media can be used to effectively promote a business
through storytelling and content creation. Attendees will be given a guide to storytelling in
marketing and will learn how to incorporate emotional narratives into social media content and

The session will go on to explore how we create compelling content for campaigns and attendees
will gain insight into the different types of content that they can create to promote their work.
Finally, we will investigate tools and techniques attendees can use to incorporate social media
activity into their daily routine.

You will learn:

● An understanding of the different ways we can tell ‘stories’ through social media
● An understanding of how we create content to promote our business through our daily
activities as communications professionals
● An awareness of the different types of content which can be used to promote a business
● The ability to spot opportunities for content creation and curation.

CV, Linked In and Business Development Workshop – register your interest by emailing [email protected]

Liz Gadd, Recruiter in PR, Communications and Marketing shares with you her 25 years of experience of placing freelance PR, marketing and communications professionals. This includes what potential new clients are looking for in applications and approaches, how to find and meet the right people, how to structure and develop a healthy pipeline of business, how to approach and target the right people who will keep your income healthy, and some honest facts around day rates.

Liz looks at CVs, Linked In, direct approaches, building your client list and general hints and tips about how to get the right work for you. Freelance career advice in real life, with plenty of knowledge to share about what it’s really like and what really works in finding freelance work with clients.

Ambitious PR, with over 22 years of experience from each of the founders, both in PR and in running businesses based on an agile resourcing structure, share their experiences of working with freelancers and offer some advice about working with agencies and direct with clients, and how to develop a great relationship with your freelance colleagues and clients. Lis Anderson and Mel Clarke offer their direct experiences and advice on freelance networks and what works for clients and agencies.

LinkedIn for Freelancers – register your interest by emailing [email protected]

There is a saying in business that your network is your net worth, nowhere is this truer than for freelancers. The session will give you a sack full of practical tips to help sustain and grow your business thanks to LinkedIn expert Greg Cooper, who’ll be hosting this interactive workshop.

LinkedIn is a shop window for your professional skills. Not only does it allow you to showcase your expertise, it provides you with a powerful tool for finding, winning, and keeping customers – a unique and opportunity rich networking database with over 290,000 members in Bristol alone.

This interactive session will look at:

– How to turn your profile into a customer magnet
– How to find and connect with your target audience
– How to keep your name in front of people even when you’re busy
– How to run online conversations into offline opportunities

Finance, Administration and Legal Workshop – register your interest by emailing [email protected]

The programme is delivered through a series of workshops to give the best opportunity for networking and sharing of ideas and information, and you can also book one to one time with any of the group, please ask for more information on the services offered.

[email protected]

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